2023 Hardwood Flooring Trends

A Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer-Songlinfloor’s Flooring Trends Idea

Wood floors are the best option of all floor covering materials because of their natural look and long-lasting property. Sonlinfloor has been engaged in the production of wood flooring for 27 years, the products are mainly exported to European countries, North America other developed countries, and as a hardwood flooring factory, we have more opportunities to obtain a more objective trend.

How do we develop a new flooring style?

Every year we are constantly developing new wood floors for the leading flooring companies all over the world, and these new products are innovated on the basis of continuously popular products or introduce advanced technologies to make up for the shortcomings of past products. So trend-setting flooring is basically a continuation and improvement of products that have been recognized in the market before.

The raw materials supply will also become another factor for the market to develop products. The flooring product development can not succeed without enough raw material supply. After all, hardwood flooring factory production products are required to maintain a basic capacity, rather than purely handmade wood flooring products which rely on labor.

What will be the trend in 2023 in the flooring industry? Songlinfloor will introduce you to the trends of 2023 in terms of color, texture, structure, style, and laying methods.

1. Natural Color hardwood flooring

The Natural color oak hardwood floors always rank in the top sale.

Songlinfloor produces mainly oak flooring in the past 10 years, 90% of the products are made of oak as raw material, we use the local Chinese honey oak, and we use European oak, we also use a lot of American oak in recent years.

Oak natural color is always popular, Oak hardwood flooring with natural oil or lacquer coating always rank the top sale in the past. No matter what product collection we develop, oak natural color will always be there.

The selected grade engineered flooring will increase significantly in 2023 when the market slows down, low-end products are difficult for wholesaler customers to obtain good profits, the selected wood flooring market competition is not fierce, high profits will get the attention of high-end wood flooring wholesalers, distributors.

Natual color hardwood flooring

Natural Hardwood Floors K003

Natural Smooth Oak Herringbone Parquet Hard Wax Oiled

2. Smoked Color Wood Flooring

Smoked Vintage oak color is never out of time

Tannin in oak with some chemical coating always makes the wood floor color looks mature, the content of tannin in each piece of oak floors is not the same, even if not balanced on 1 piece of hardwood floors, after the process of chemical reactive stain, oak flooring color will produce rich color tone, the flooring will be stained with time and age, which simply stain the floors hard to achieve the effect.

In chemical staining, the smoked color is the most used color. The fuming process is a reaction between the wood floor and ammonia in a closed space, and the time of the process determines the shade of the chemical stain, which can be as dark or as light as the design requires. Please don't forget the smoked color in the new collections you develop.

Smoked engineered hardwood flooring

Smoked Engineered Wooden Floor

Fishbone smoked floor

3. Light wood flooring/ Invisible color hardwood floor

The color of peace and quiet

K270-1 is light grey color. It gets popular all over the world. Clean grade plus, unfinished floor looking, the sales increase every year! In order to achieve this effect, wood flooring needs to be coated with little white color, or invisible paint.

Being invisible paint means that after painting, the wood floor does not turn amber like traditional natural color paint, but stays the color of the unfinished wood floors. This color has a light, cool tone that is perfect for modern interior designs.

Invisible color hardwood floor

invisible lacqured engineered wood flooring

Light wood flooring

A stable Color Supply is the matter!

However, Songlinfloor as a wood flooring manufacturer needs to remind you that to maintain a stable color of wood flooring, the wood flooring manufacturer's paint quality is very important, we will choose the most stable coating materials based on experience, and for each painting we will go through patient testing, not only the color when producing in the factory is stable, but also in the later use of final customers to maintain the same original colors.

what wood species do we use for hardwood floors in light or light grey color?

The floors with this process are light white or light gray. We use more raw materials from local Chinese oak and American oak. The American red oak is worth mentioning, the new technical allows us to remove the reddish color in the wood, in this way the red oak is more widely used, especially the cost of selected grade products is greatly reduced, providing wholesalers, distributors, engineers, and customers with very cost-effective products!

white oak selected grade hardwood flooring brands

clean grade white oak hardwood floor

 4. Selected Grade engineered hardwood floors

Songlinfloor produces flooring products from green logs to prefinished products.

From 2022, clean and plain style flooring is quietly popular, especially flooring above 190mm width, including 220mm, and 260mm width of selected grade. This tests the quality hardwood manufacturer's raw material supply chain management. Songlinfloor starts the production and processing from the import of oak logs and organizes the production within its own control system from sawing the surface board to drying the balanced surface board, which not only ensures the best wood flooring quality but also ensures the supply of each grade hardwood floor products.

Especially for many wholesaler customers who need certain supply guarantees and preferential prices for high-grade products, Songlinfloor also uses the American red oak reddening process to produce high-grade solid wood floors, which makes the cost of high-grade wood flooring greatly reduced.

Following Colors For Reference

solid and engineered options

exceptional quality

flooring options

excellent choice

5. Wide plank flooring

Wide spaces need wider flooring

For high-end distributors and designers, they need wider and longer flooring to meet customer needs. Songlinfloor can perfectly meet the needs of this part of the customer, we supply wood flooring widths from 220mm/260mm/300mm/350mm/400mm/500mm, and the length can do 2200mm/2500mm/3000mm, Such large-size flooring requires rich experience for wood flooring manufacturers, otherwise there will be quality problem occered.

Songlinfloor is your choice. Songlinfloor's large-size flooring can be made with a three-layer structure, and the balanced structure can ensure the stability of the floor.

Black walnut 400x4000mm large size engineered flooring

500x5000mm white oak veneer stable supply

2200x260x20/6mm Engineered Oak Flooring

6. Traditional pattern wood flooring never goes out of fashion

Herringbone flooring, herringbone flooring, and Versailles will be the best choice.

Although the sales are not as many as the sales of plank wood flooring, they will never go out of fashion and always occupy a certain market share.

However, the production precision of this kind of flooring is very important, the production equipment is important, the skill of workers is important, only the wood flooring factory with full production experience can guarantee the quality of the products.

Most importantly, Songlinfloor can make these specially pattern floors available in the same colors as the plank flooring, completing your product range. Your customers can choose different pattern of flooring in the same space. It is one of the important tasks of Songlinfloor to develop products in cooperation with your customers.

engineered oak flooring herringbone

3 Layer oak engineered flooring Herringbone

Engineered Brushed Fumed White Oiled Oak Herringbones

Brushed Smoked Oak Herringbone Parquet UV Oil Finish

7. Locking system engineer hardwood flooring

The way of laying flooring is an important factor in wood floors sale, with the increase in labor cost and the demand of customers for easy disassembly of flooring, locking flooring is becoming more and more popular. Without gluing, keel and nails, engineered hardwood flooring can be installed directly on concrete floors or plywood floors.

In the past 5 years, sales of locking flooring in Europe have increased by 70%. This figure gives us confidence that locking wood flooring will be a trend. songlinfloor's locking fasteners are suitable for any width of the floor from 125mm to 260mm. There is a range of locking flooring that will surely add strength to your sales.

260mm engineered oak flooring with click lock

Engineered Oak Invisible Lacquered Flooring

Invisible Lacquered Oak Engineered Flooring K270-1

260mm engineered oak flooring with click lock

8. Designer's excellent Choices

Reactive stain-engineered flooring

Reactive stain-engineered flooring is a popular and increasingly trendy flooring option for homeowners. It is a type of wood flooring that has been manufactured with a variety of reactive stain finishes and colors which give it the look and feel of hardwood. Unlike other types of flooring, reactive stain-engineered flooring offers more durability with less maintenance.

Reactive stain-engineered wood flooring boards are manufactured by Songlinfloor which takes pride in the quality materials used, types of finishes offered, as well as design options available. Our quality flooring material including multiple layers of plywood is under strict control.

As interior designers, wood wholesalers, or anyone else involved in this industry can attest – investing in reactive stained engineered floors engineered products is an excellent decision!

High End Reactive Stain Engineered Flooring







Reclaim Oak hardwood flooring

If you’re looking for a unique, high-end hardwood flooring option, reclaimed hardwood floors are a perfect choice. This type of flooring uses recycled or salvaged wood and turns it into something beautiful and durable. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of using this type of flooring, there are also ecological benefits as well.

The process of creating reclaimed hardwood flooring begins with finding flooring material. This could be from old barns, warehouses, factories, or any other source where timber has been used in the past. Songlinfloor uses reclaim pallets from America, at least 50 years old. During the manufacturing process, strict quality control measures are taken to ensure that each flooring board meets the highest standards of quality before being shipped out.

industry leader Reclaimed Flooring

Durability Reclaimed Hard Wood Flooring

Reclaim Oak Hardwood Flooring

Follow the top hardwood floors trends in 2023

 In 2023, please choose Songlinfloor as your engineered hardwood flooring supplier.

Our company has been a trusted name in the hardwood flooring industry for decades. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, as well as our strong and long-term partnerships with our customers. Let’s explore the production process that ensures the highest quality products, as well as the customer benefits of working with us.

Production Process

Our production process is both rigorous and detail-oriented, from log processing to prefinished products. We only use premium materials to create quality product solutions that will last for many years. Our commitment to quality is further evidenced by our certifications including DIBT Certification, Green Guard Certification, SGS Certification, and FSC Certification. Additionally, producing in-house allows us to have complete control over every step of the production process and ensure that we are consistently producing top-notch results.

Customer Benefits of Working With Us

We know how important it is to have a reliable partner in business—that’s why we go out of our way to provide customers with exceptional service. Not only do you get access to top-notch products made from premium materials; but you also get cost-effective solutions with financing options and discounts available. Plus, we offer comprehensive warranty coverage in case something ever goes wrong—you won’t be left hanging!