Engineered Oak Floor

                 Higher grade 4000mm*360mm / 400mm Width

The super size flooring has been developed into market for several years now, it not only to give you a big selling point, also shows our ability to handle the most difficult pressing and manufacturing process.

Only issue we had in last 2 years seems to be grade, the mixed grade with big cracks and knots, are not meet some clients’ standard.

Therefore we are now launching a new material selection process, to make a higher grade in offer. With no or small knots, some cracks no bigger than 400mm length. This can give more opportunity for those who are looking for cleaner surface boards in large size.

4 meters (13ft) long, 360mm / 400mm (14in-16in) width. Thickness 20mm or 22mm (0.8in-0.86in) with 6mm (0.23in) top layer European oak, mixed grade.

Multilayer plywood and also a back layer joint oak, which is the key to make flooring stable in structure. All finishes like brush, fumed, stained, oiled are available.

Like every custom made flooring, although there are high end projects may require it for its magical look, but we don’t expect large quantity in this. Why do we do it then? Because we can. It is a perfect display to show the strength of production, ability to provide any inquiry from clients. Make everyone WOW.