At recent years, California Air Resources Board re-made the regulation standard method(Airbome Toxic Control Meaoisrt ATCM)the regulation has two steps (phase 1 and phase 2), phase 1 has similar standard when compared to EU regulation (E1), but since year 2010 phase two has much more strict method to examine formaldehyde level, and regulate only 0.05PPM for hard wood plywood, which is way more strict than E1 standard of 0.14PPM.
CARB 2 Data
We as the flooring manufacturer and supplier, how to deal with the crisis? Within engineered flooring, the use of glue is a major source of formaldehyde, using glue to match CARB P2 standard will raise cost by a significant level, which is the reason of many manufacturers using unqualified material for flooring making and put CARB P2 labels.
Songlinfloor always self control with the highest standard in production and products, all material used completely match the requirements of CARB Phase 2, and obtained certification long time ago. Trust and loyalty to every customers and end-users, we shall never trade profit with our morality.

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