Who invented 3 layer engineered wood flooring?

Kährs is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood flooring in the world and invented 3 layer engineered wood floor in 1930 and then registered this patent in 1941. Soon it got popular through out the whole European market. 3 layer engineered wood flooring was beginning to enter global market in 90s.

True Balanced Engineered Floors – a better option!


A better option than typical 2-layer construction is 3-layer engineered floor. This type of floor achieves outstanding dimensional stability, and allows for installations at, above or below grade, radiant heated floors.

(Due to use the natural wood as the top layer,the wood strip and veneer as the core layer to made up the 3 layers engineered wood flooring, which is consistent with solid wood flooring performance and characteristics,but combine with super stability based on the criss cross structure.Every layer keeps away from the deformation, which is caused by the stress in variation of the temperature and moisture, it guarantees the stability of floor on technology.That is the best stable flooring at present,which overcome the problem of the bad stability under heating system.)


3-ply engineered flooring are made with a top layer hardwood species with core and back with softer wood (4/9/2mm, 3/9/2mm)or with a top and bottom wood layers of the same wood species, 3mm,4mm,5mm thick. The middle core is softer material. It allows the top and bottom layer to expand and contract at the same rate, eliminating some of the shortcomings of standard 2-layer engineered floor. brushed engineered wood flooringSuch construction allow wider widths and longer lengths than would otherwise be typically possible. The standard middle core is poplar core/Pine core.


3 layer Engineered wood plank flooring also allows for a floating installation where the planks are not adhered to the subfloor or to each other, further increasing ease of repair and reducing installation time.


3-ply engineered wood flooring is likely even more eco-friendly than solid wood flooring because it uses what has traditionally been solid wood’s “leftovers.” In engineered hardwood flooring manufacturing, not much goes to waste; moreover, the manufacturing process itself requires less energy than most other flooring, roofing, and siding manufacturing. When it comes to the hardwood veneer, however, homeowners should still seek out FSC certification

5.Various design

The top layer use precious natural wood, with unique color and pattern, special design of structure and technology of staining, which made engineered flooring has the abundantly decorative performance.

Who’s Songlin Floor?

1.Songlinfloor was establish in 1995,and they started making their business from plywood.They begin to produce engineered oak flooring since 2001.Which is one of the earliest manufacturers of 3 layers engineered oak wood floor in the Northeast market and cooperate with large importer,distributor and wholesales in European.

2.99% of the workers reside local which means that labor stability and consistent knowledge of processes are needed to provide a product with consistent quality is much better than other privately owned factories. Most of the process managers have grown together with the factory since 1995.

3.Songlin is a state-owned enterprise and belong to Sengong Group which is the biggest forest group in China.So it can provide great promise to you.

4.Songlinfloor continually use saw-cut veneer from the very beginning. Even with big competition in the market. This traditional process ensures you receive boards of consistent color and quality.

saw-cut veneer process( Why still saw cutting veneer ?
The structures that keep a living tree vertical remain strong after the tree is cut down, but they rely on each other for that strength. The annual rings in a stump or the end of a piece of wood show the long cellulose veins that carry water and nutrients up and down the tree. The veins also show up as the grain of sawn lumber and give long boards, planks and beams high strength. When wood is saw cutted, also remain the wood veins to support each other, they save their strength and need support.)

5.Songlinfloor has its own research and development team and have strong innovative ability.To continue to provide new product for customers and recognised by market.

6.Songlin flooring surface is antique treatment.Insisting to taking handscraped instead of machines,which is the most important reason to be best sales in the market.Handscrapes effect is more natural and beautiful and more attractive.So increase the profits for our importers.

7.The profile machine is HOMAG imported from Germany, cutting knives we insist Laiz brand. See More

Songlin Engineered wood flooring Grade

Each factory has their own grading definition, species and grading are also important factors to consider, no matter Russian oak or European oak, Songlin floor follow the same grading standard. see below grading follow.

Standard Size of 3 layers Engineered Wood Flooring

148mm x 1860mm x 14/3mm
189mm x 1860mm x 14/3 & 15/4 & 20/6mm
190mm x 1900mm x 15/4mm
220mm x 2200mm x 15/4mm
260mm x 2200mm x 20/6mm

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