Chevron 45° Solid Oak Parquet Flooring

The VFJ solid wood floor is made of European oak saw-cut veneer glued to the direct oak plank and the appearance looks the same as the solid wood floor. But VFJ (oak veneer finger joint) solid oak flooring is more adaptable to humidity and temperature changes, and more stable than solid wood flooring, it can be installed by both GLUE DOWN and NAIL DOWN. It combined the advantages of engineered flooring and solid hardwood flooring. VFJ solid wood flooring uses finger-jointed oak panels as the base material, which solves the problem of material shortage, the price is lower than that of solid wood flooring, and the supply is very stable. At the same time, different surface treatments can also be applied according to customers' demands.

SONGLINFLOOR was the first company to supply the market with VFJ solid oak flooring. The chevron 45° parquet floor requires high-precision equipment and professional workers. It is representative of high-end style, luxurious traditional European style, it can elevate the grade of architects' interior design. SONGLINFLOOR has been supplying this product in the market for 5 years and has won a good reputation in the American and European markets for its elegant appearance and stable quality.

Chevron 45° Solid Oak Parquet Flooring Assembly

Chevron parquet is a classic European pattern that is cut from blocks of wood at different angles. This difference in angle changes the way light is reflected between the rows, giving the floor a more directional feel.

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Chevron 45° Solid Oak Parquet Flooring

Chevron 45° Solid Oak Parquet Flooring

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