We have a lot to offer you as your desire, Parquet wood flooring at Songlinfloor have extreme dimensions to fit in stability and preciseness, The result is that these floorings with ease of installation are highly durable and harder surface.

our parquet flooring is treated with woods like maple, oak, beech, larch, ash, walnut and elm.

We offer top of quality parquet floorings in contemporary designs.

You will find Parquet wood flooring in different lengths and sizes at Songlinfloor. Because we understand your need, also provide customized floorings that you can get as your desire.

Our traditional floorings will bring your interior hints of history. From offices to homes, you can install our floorings anywhere with their tough nature as well as an ability to handle high traffic.

The Specification

Types of Art Parquet Flooring

1.Engineered art parquet flooring

Engineered parquet flooring is the most popular parquet flooring now around the world.due to the stability of quality easy installation competitive price.

2.Solid Parquet Flooring

Solid parquet flooring usually refers as solid herringbone parquet(or fishbone parquet).Besides, solid chevron parquet is also a favorite design for solid parquet flooring nowadays in Europe and North Americans.

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