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Natural Oiled Sawn Cut Oak Flooring

Promotion products for 2022. Specification: 14/3*190*1900mm Grade: EF grade. Veneer type: sawn cut European oak Core and back: poplar Connection: drop-down click Finishing: Protego brand Natural oiled Texture: Mid-brushed. Quantity Available for immediate delivery: 8 pallets*40boxes*2.888sqm. If you are looking for goods that need delivery before or after the CNY holiday, this is a

Natural Oiled Sawn Cut Oak Flooring2022-01-11T06:46:45+00:00

Our Old Elm Material Versailles Panels

Our old elm material,carefully selected from old furniture or door,has its own natural antique style after weathering for a long time. Here experienced workers repair it,and rework it into different sizes and construction,even the Versailles panels. It means not artistic only,but environmentally friendly at the same time.

Our Old Elm Material Versailles Panels2022-06-27T06:55:23+00:00

Economic Collection Oak Engineered Flooring

Economic Oak Engineered Flooring Economic collection three-layer engineered wood flooring14/3*190*1900mm size . hottest selling products in European countries. request for samples More economic product about us

Economic Collection Oak Engineered Flooring2022-06-27T06:57:07+00:00


Cuts Of Hardwood Flooring,The Slicer Is One Of The Trump Brand Products Of Our Company To control slice cut material now we inspect from the beginning ,its not easy but we are rewarded with higher grading and better price Now 1900*190*14/3mm ABCD slice cut has become our one of our company ACE card

CUTS OF HARDWOOD FLOORING2022-06-27T07:06:55+00:00
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