Selected Grade Russian Oak Engineered Flooring

At present, European oak is the most common surface material in Chinese wooden flooring market. Due to logging restrictions, Russian oak raw materials are in short supply.

However, the natural characteristics of Russian oak are very different from those of European oak. Clean grade surface, fewer knots, uniform color variation, more beautiful texture and grains, make Russian oak irreplaceable in the flooring market. At the same time, consumers in some areas have a traditional buying tendency towards high-grade Russian oak.

In response to the above market demand, our company has been supplying selected grade Russian oak flooring for a long time. The specific information is as follows.

  • Size: 14/3*190*1900mm
  • 15/4*189/220/260*1860/2200mm
  • 20/6*189/260*1860/2200mm
  • Grade: AB/ABC
  • Structure: 3 Layer/ Multi-layer
  • Joint System: T&G/ Click
  • Surface Treatment: Brushed, Smoked, Oil/Lacquered
  • Customized by buyer colors

Following Colors For Reference

High Grade Oak Engineered Flooring

260MM  AB

189MM  AB