We are not retailers writing blogs telling the public how good the oiled engineered flooring are.We are supplier, who is selling pre-oiled flooring to world wide for years, we can hear the heart voice of overseas buyers, by working hard with them, trying hard to promote the oil finished flooring, which generate more profit for everyone.

I have already seen many flooring brands put European style oiled plank floor on their web banner trying to get public attention. But what is the actual sales, I know very well. As a new trend, natural oil finish flooring still has long way to go until we reach full success.

The oiled products are still hard to accept by the public, main reason is the maintainence after sales.

  1. Main market of professional oiled engineered flooring manufacturers is Europe. Strictly speaking, the products we sell to European is not prefinished, the European flooring dealers or service suppliers always offer another charged service of extra oil after installation to end users,  then the flooring can reach a good ability of water and pollution proof, but for others markets in the world, clients don’t accept this concept, they thought the flooring they buy should be final product, no reason to pay more.
  2. Re-oil every 12-18 months, for any clients outside Europe, it is hard to accept as well.
  3. Daily maintainence cost is relatively highoiled engineered oak flooring

Against the above points, in the past 5-6 years, through hard work with out clients, we made few changes on the surface coating, result is quite sufficient.

  1. Use UV oil instead of Natural oil. UV oiled is a new coating method after natural oil, it is in between of natural oil and UV lacquer, we coat twice with UV oil with UV dry before the flooring leaves the factory, it is Matt Gloss, very thin, looks close to natural oiled finish. Can be easily repaired daily scratch by natural oil. We tried UV oil in the middle east market first, feedback is positive. In the recent 2-3 years Australian markets are also accepting.
  2. If you have really high level clients, who are real natural oiled supporters, using other natural oil brands (there are many other good natural oil brand in the world), but not common one manufacturer use, you are welcome to discuss natural oil brands off line (we sell flooring not oil), selling good oil maintenance is also a good idea to increase profit.
  3. Natural oiled maintenance product cost relatively high, but always trust new technology will bring us easier ways to do the job.

You are welcome to discuss with Us how to improve oiled products sales.

—Post by Lucy