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10/3*150*1200mm Economic Engineered Floor


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As a leading factory specializing in engineered hardwood flooring, we are proud to introduce our latest offering tailored for importers, wholesalers, and contractors seeking unparalleled quality and value: the 10/3*150*1200mm Economic Engineered Floor. This product is a testament to our over 25 years of expertise and commitment to excellence in the engineered flooring market.

Why Choose Our 10/3*150*1200mm Engineered Flooring?

Superior Quality and Durability

Our engineered floors are crafted using superior raw materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The three-layer construction offers enhanced stability, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. With our rigorous quality control processes, we guarantee consistent quality in every batch, addressing the major concern of inconsistencies in product quality.

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

Available in three captivating colors within one collection, our engineered floors offer versatility to match any interior design. The warm reception of these designs in European countries like Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands speaks volumes about their appeal. Anticipate more colors to enrich this collection, providing even greater flexibility for your projects.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Flooring Solutions

We are committed to sustainability without compromising on quality. Our economic engineered floors provide a cost-effective solution without sacrificing the aesthetic and functional benefits of traditional hardwood flooring. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses prioritizing quality and after-sales service over price.

Partner with a Trusted Engineered Flooring Supplier

Choosing us as your supplier means partnering with a factory that understands the importance of reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a global reach and a dedicated focus on the needs of importers, wholesalers, and contractors, we ensure a seamless procurement process, from selection to delivery.

Contact Us Today to Elevate Your Flooring Solutions

Embrace the blend of tradition and innovation with our 10/3*150*1200mm Economic Engineered Floor. Contact us to discover how our engineered flooring solutions can transform your space, meet your quality standards, and exceed your expectations.


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