About Us

Songlinfloor is a High Quality Engineered Oak flooring producer. It is one of the  leading wood flooring manufactuers in China.

Manufacturing is our job, consistent quality is our responsibility ,and client partnership are hallmark to our growth.

What Else? Why Choose Songlinfloor ?

Our factory was set up in 1995 where we originally manufactured plywood.We started engineered flooring in 2001. We became an important engineered flooring manufacturer to Europe.
We are a state owned factory, belonging to Sengong Group which is the biggest forest group in China . The quality of  raw material, finances and labor are guaranteed under local government regulations.
99% of the workers reside local which means that labor stability and consistent knowledge of processes needed to provide a product with consistent quality is much better than other privately owned factories. Most of the process managers have grown together with the factory since 1995.
We continually use saw-cut veneer from the very beginning. Even with big competition in the market, we continually use saw-cut veneer. This traditional process ensures you receive boards of consistent color and quality.
We have our own Design Team. New colors and designs are an ongoing process that allows us to define market trends as well as manufacture custom flooring to suit your individual needs.
Our antique style hardwood flooring is unique. Every board has its own character. This makes our product look elegant and of obvious high quality.

Put to use every inch of wood, through a continual R&D process, provide the most added value in flooring, and grow together with our clients.