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2 Layer Engineered Flooring—— Special For US Market


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According to the latest regulations of the US customs, anti-dumping tax and 301 tariff of 25% has been cancelled for the 2-layer oak engineered flooring, and meanwhile it is no ADD and CVD tax rate.

Our factory use pine of 11mm thickness as back board, and saw cut veneer of white oak. We supply size as below

After years of research and development and testing, our 2-layer engineering wood floor has excellent stability. Compared with the standard two-layer engineered floors, we can achieve more than 80% of the fixed length of 1900mm. Due to the neat and clean looking of the pine back layer, our product is suitable for high end market also.

We have focused on the supply of US wood flooring market for more than 10 years. In recent years, the American market has been changing and adjusting. Many buyers are seeking for better purchasing channels. This new product will bring new opportunities. We hope to have the opportunity to working with you. Please contact us to discuss more details.


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