Why Choose Songlin Reactive Stain Wood Flooring
Reactive stain wood flooring are getting popular these years. It seems a lot of factories are making and selling this engineered flooring. While even I said we are experienced with reactive stain finish, but this type of reactive stain engineered wood flooring still hard to control at this stage. What we can do is only keeping the oak speices source from the same place and we can promise the wood floor we sell are after enough test and they are stable.

Available Size
1900*190*14/3mm (15/4mm and 20/6mm)
2200*220*14/3mm (15/4mm and 20/6mm)

Three Layer Oak Flooring Features and Benefits

  • Flexible In Different Environmental Changes
  • Lower Cost
  • More Stable In Structure
  • Better For Underfloor Heating System
  • Installation Methods: Floating And Glud Sown
  • Suitable For Different Environmental Condition
  • OEM/ODM Both Available