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Selected Grade European Oak Engineered Flooring


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Discover the Elegance of Selected Grade European Oak

In the vast expanse of the engineered wood flooring market, European Oak stands out for its elegance and durability. Our factory takes pride in offering a range of reclaimed European Oak flooring that not only meets but exceeds the industry standards for quality and aesthetics.

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High Grade Oak Engineered Flooring

Why Choose Our European Oak?

Sustainability Meets Quality: Amidst the challenge of logging restrictions and the rarity of high-quality oak, our reclaimed European Oak emerges as a sustainable and superior choice. Our commitment to sourcing selected grade European Oak ensures an unparalleled blend of quality and environmental stewardship.

Exceptional Aesthetics: European Oak is renowned for its clean grade surface, minimal knots, and consistent color variation. Its exquisite texture and grains bring a timeless elegance to any space, making it a sought-after option for discerning customers and high-end projects.

Tailored to Your Needs: Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer our European Oak flooring in a variety of sizes and grades, including AB and ABC. Our flooring solutions are available in both 3-layer and multi-layer structures, with options for T&G or Click joint systems. Surface treatments such as brushed, smoked, oil, or lacquered finishes are customized to match your aesthetic preferences.


  • Sizes: Ranging from 14/3*190*1900mm to 215/4*189/220/260*1860/2200mm to 20/6*189/260*1860/2200mm
  • Grade: AB/ABC, ensuring a selection of the finest quality
  • Structure: Available in 3-layer and multi-layer configurations for enhanced durability
  • Joint System: Choice of T&G or Click for easy installation
  • Surface Treatment: Customizable options including brushed, smoked, oil, or lacquered finishes


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