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Slicing Cut And Sawn Cut Oak Veneer Engineered Floor


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What are the influences of slicing cut and sawn cut oak veneer engineered floor products to the importers and Distributors?

Recently years, Slicing cut veneer oak engineered floor become more matured and popular amongst purchases and more and more importers and distributors choose slicing cut veneer oak floors.

Vifloor dealing with these two kinds of engineered floor for more than one decade, here are some of our experiences of these two products, welcome to share your opinions and ideas with us.

Our summaries of sawn cut veneer engineered floor and slicing cut veneer engineered floor.

ItemSawn cut veneer productsSlicing cut veneer products
Veneer thickness3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm2mm, 3mm
Color differencesNatural color differencesAccording to the diameter of the log, cut techniques, the color differences will be big, especially the light color products. And hard to control the color between each different batch.
GradeNatural gradeCracks and edge off will be main problem and need a massive repair works.
StabilityCan be controlledSlicing cut technique become matured and advanced, but brushing is still necessary for slicing cut veneer.
PricePrefinished products will cost 5% less than saw cut products that meet the same specification.
Remarks: Because of the color disadvantages of slicing cut veneer products, that many factory run after better finishing effects, they will use hydrogen peroxide to whiten the veneer. But this will be made the veneer much easier to crack and extremely speed up the oxidation of the products.

If you are interested to know more, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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