Songlinfloor New Lacquering Line Is Updated

Jinqiao Songlin branch recently assembled a new lacquering line and put into use of production, include sanding machine, lacquer coating machine, brushing machine, UV drier and conveyor. The old lacquering line of Songlin branch was small size 600mm width which was installed in 2015. Production efficiency was low due to the line was only half set and requires multiple runs in coating. Since the lacquer products orders are increasing, clients are demanding higher quality finish and faster delivery time. Old lacquering line is just not able to fulfill the requirements anymore.
The new lacquering line is updated in many ways, bigger width allows 4-5 pieces of 190mm flooring to go through together, the line is a complete set based on 8 layer base coating and 2 layer surface coating, be able to finish any lacquering product in just one run, both productivity and production quality is increased by a considerable level