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The characteristics of oak engineered flooring produced from northeast of China


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Northeast China is the first region to produce oak engineered flooring, The production line and technology of traditional three-layer engineered flooring were first introduced here and the main export market is Europe.The production line and technology of traditional three-layer composite floor were first introduced here. Oak is the species, and here is also where Chinese honey oak and poplar grows, the climate and surroundings are most suitable for the production of oak flooring.

In 2021, the export volume of oak engineered flooring in Northeast China was over 60% of the total export volume of China
The development of flooring production in Northeast China is the epitome of the popular trend of modern European flooring. From selected-grade products to hermitage style, and then to rustic-characteristic products, the popular trend is mainly closely related to the supply of local raw materials. And at present, Dalian port is the main distribution center of imported European oak raw material in China.

Nowadays, rustic grade flooring has become the mainstream product of local flooring sales. On one hand it reflects the raw material supply trend, on the other hand, the ability to do a fine job of rustic-grade products also shows the advantages of our local repair technology. In the selection of plates and the use of repair materials, the workers can skillfully master the repair skills. Especially, the big knots and cracks can also be handled very well.

In short, the complexity of handicrafts is a major feature of our local wood flooring.brushed, sanded, smoked, hand-scrapped, sawn mark, primitive, distressed, all kinds of handicrafts combine with unique and vivid colors ensure our flooring reveal the beauty of nature.


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