Topics covered by FSC certification

FSC certification is mainly applicable to wood and wood products, covering a wide range of topics, including environmental management, compliance with laws and regulations, social and economic welfare of workers, rights of indigenous people and social and economic welfare of communities.

This environmental and social certification comes from FSC, a global organization that certifies forests based on strict standards for responsible forest management. Certification includes “FSC 100%”, “FSC recycling” and “FSC mixing” (which can be a mixture of FSC certification, recycling and control sources).

A key aspect of FSC certification is tracking the “chain of custody” of products: ensuring that materials obtained from sustainably managed forests are delivered to you in the form of final products without other materials inadvertently entering the process.

Rei cooperation organization and outstanding environmental organizations, including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Sierra Club, natural resources protection committee (NRDC), etc., believe that FSC certification is a highly credible and trustworthy standard for responsible forestry.