Wide planks of Solid European Oak Floor

Vifloor developed new solid products that with super width and length.

In the term of Wide planks of Solid European oak floor, the wide means 210mm and 240mm, the length will be 1500mm to 2700mm, 60% of them will be more than 2000mm long.

The characteristic of wide planks of solid European oak flooring as followings:

Flooring Type Solid oak floor Texture Brushed,handclapped
Collection Wide planks Finish Water Base/UV lacquered
Species French Oak Gloss Matt
Product Code VFS-02 Joint System T&G
Grade ABCD Installation Floating/Glue down/Nail down
Length(mm) 1500-2700mm Lead Time 75-90Days(according to raw material)
Width(mm) 240/210 Certification CE,FSC,DIBT,CARB,ISO
Thickness(mm) 20 Moisture content 6%-10%

The characteristic of wide planks of solid European oak flooring as followings:

Product details as followings:

Normally, the wider the solid oak floor is, the easier it cups and wraps if the moisture content is not doing well. Our kiln dry and inspections procedures guarantee each piece of products meet the moisture content requirement. More details shows as below.

Kiln dry procedures:

Step 1 Air dry 21 days

Step 2.Kiln dry for 20 days to reach Moisture content 18%

Step 3.Air dry for 7 days and balanced the boards

Step 4.Kiln dry for another 20 days to reach moisture content less than 10%.

Step 5 Air dry and balance the boards before coating.

The drying procedures dry the solid boards stably and prevent cupping and wrapping properly.

We inspect the moisture content before and after planks fabricated by each piece.

Moisture test after the raw materials kiln dried.

Pre-shipment Inspection video record.