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Unveiling 260mm Natural Grade European Oak Flooring

Are you ready to elevate your business with top-tier flooring? Look no further! Our new collection of 260mm Natural Grade European Oak Flooring is designed to redefine luxury and durability in your projects. This exquisite flooring combines the elegance of European oak with advanced engineering techniques, resulting in a product that is both stunning and […]

10 Tips to Maintain Wood Flooring

General Care and Maintenance Guidelines -Songlin Floor The floor after installation. Now your daily life, with all its challenges, begins. Shrill heels and dirty or wet shoes placed on the floor to the test, time and time again. When it comes to maintenance, prevention is better than cure. Maintenance apply depends on many factors and […]

8 Tips To Choose Engineered Flooring Supplier

Here Are 8 Tips to Source Engineered Hardwood Flooring 1. Gather information about the regions and suppliers of engineered hardwood flooring At present, Chinese engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers are mainly located in the area of Zhejiang Jiangsu Shandong and Northeast China. Where you source from is determined by the type of engineered flooring you need. […]

2 Layer Engineered Flooring Special For US Market

2 layer engineered flooring for US market no antidumping no 301Trump tariff 25%. Engineered flooring made in China’s Spring is coming! After 2 year continuous testing our 2 layer engineered flooring is the same stable as  3 ply flooring. Compare with most of 2 layer engineered products, we can make it at least 85% fix […]

Chevron Planks

Traditional chevron designs are individual pieces with male and female sides, bonded down by hand and finished on site. One of the problems with chevron is setting out the crown line when fitting and if it is not done accurately then gaps will appear getting exponentially larger as each piece is laid. What is Chevron plank Flooring? We […]

2.2 meter and 2.5 meter long planks

Currently longer planks get more attentions from market and we developed some long planks to meet this requirement. We can make three -layer, multilayer and true balances structure. 2.2 meter and 2.5 meter long each 50% and we can also deliver one size as your requirement. The specifications as follows: Thickness (mm) / Top Layer […]

Select Graded White Oak Engineered Flooring

Selected oak engineered flooring has been one of our company’s advantage products, for long-term distributors and wholesalers; we have the corresponding solutions for you to choose. 1.European Oak AB Grade, ABC Grade (selected grade) The supply of European oak is decreasing every year, but there has been a steady demand for this raw material in certain regions and […]

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Discover the ideal flooring solution for your project with SONGLINFLOOR! Reach out now for a free quote and expert advice on our custom multi-width engineered oak flooring. Email us at info@songlinfloor.com.

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