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How to Fix the Squeaking Noise of the Click Lock Engineered Flooring


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Clicking together flooring is becoming more prevalent in the flooring industry in recent years. Instead of traditional Tongue and Groove structure, click lock system is widely used on hardwood engineered flooring, especially Unilin, Valinge and 5G Click.  The click lock system is highly accepted mainly because it is much easier for installation, considerably time and financial saves. However, in the meanwhile, some complaints about squeaking noise occurs.

Why the noise happens? It is a simple question with a simple answer, it squeaks because somewhere rubbing in the click. Specifically, But why this rubbing happens, it is quite complicated then.

1.Most of the time, the flooring works well when it is installed, but weeks after, people find it squeaks. The first factor may be the moisture. Wood products absorbs the moisture and then get swell and expand. The click deforms and the wood plank rubs with the other.

Sometimes, people do not use the underlayment, install the flooring directly on the cement ground, or underlayment is torn or broken. Both gives the chance for moisture to come into the flooring, especially new buildings, the cement ground seems dry enough, but the moisture is still more than 20%.

2.Before installation, experienced worker will measure the roughness of the ground, the levelness should be 3mm/2m at least, if the flooring installed on uneven ground, the plank will be trembled when walked on, then the click squeaks.

3.Click lock requires high technique of precision during making. Manufacturers should use measuring projector to adjust the blade shape, the difference of the size must be under 10cmm.If the click structure and precision is not well design and processed, it will cause the noise.

How to fix the squeaking noise?

Use the glue. Find the source of the squeaking area, squeeze the glue into the gaps where rubbing, and clean the surface. It will take 48 hours for the glue works, do not move furniture or walk on the glue area, when planks glue together closely, the noise will disappear.

Lubrication. Inject the lubrication oil into the gaps is also a good choice to get rid of the squeaking, also some people use the soap water or baby powder, it works well.

Anyway, the solutions are for consumers, what a wholesaler or distributor should do When consumers complains and not easily to determine the reason of the noise. The best way is finding a third party organization to perform inspection, distinguish where the problem is, then go back to the source of it.


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