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Reclaimed Oak Range


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At SONGLINFLOOR, we are dedicated to meeting the global demand for high-quality three-layer and multi-layer engineered flooring. Our newly launched Reclaimed Oak Range not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also demonstrates our passion for sustainability.

Combining Quality with Sustainability

Our Reclaimed Oak Range, crafted from recycled oak, breathes new life into this precious material through a meticulous process. This not only conserves our valuable natural resources but also brings unmatched elegance and warmth to your spaces.

Why Choose Our Reclaimed Oak Range

Opting for SONGLINFLOOR’s Reclaimed Oak Range means selecting a durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly flooring solution. Each plank undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring it withstands the test of time while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Choosing SONGLINFLOOR’s Reclaimed Oak Range is not just about selecting top-tier engineered flooring; it’s about opting for a sustainable future. Let’s create living and working environments that are both beautiful and eco-friendly.


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