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Shadow Effect Herrigbone

Shadow Effect Herrigbone A classical geometrical composition and layout given by a shadowing effect, our technicians created a dimensional impact by playing with painting, pure

Feeling Hard To Buy Solid Oak Floor?

Feeling Hard To Buy Solid Oak Floor? Here is the right option for you.Since 2017, both manufacturers and international buyers are facing the problem of

Reclaimed Oak Range

At SONGLINFLOOR, we are dedicated to meeting the global demand for high-quality three-layer and multi-layer engineered flooring. Our newly launched Reclaimed Oak Range not only

Real Wood Flooring Definition

Some of the standards developed by NWFA include a formal definition of wood, which consists of a working group of wood flooring professionals throughout the

Modern Flooring Design Collection

Unveiling the Essence of Modern Flooring In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, modern flooring stands out as a cornerstone of aesthetic appeal and functional

Herringbones Engineered Flooring Inspection

Discover the Most Accurate Methods with Insights from an Industry Expert When it comes to herringbone engineered flooring inspection, knowing the most precise methods is

Super Size Flooring

Super Size Flooring: A Revolutionary Approach to Engineered Hardwood Unveiling the Future of Flooring with Enormous Dimensions In the world of engineered hardwood flooring, the

New Versaille Panel Samples

Finished some new colours of nice versailles samples in 600*600*15/4mm size, looks very good and wish they can bring us more orders during Christmas time.

Your Expert in Engineered Hardwood Flooring Solutions

Hello, I’m a co-founder at SONGLINFLOOR. With over 25 years in the industry, we specialize in top-quality engineered hardwood flooring. Our commitment to superior raw materials and consistent quality has made us a trusted supplier to major European importers.

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