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European oak engineered flooring ABCD grade

Client postponed some orders and our already pressed material now available for other use Size 1900*190*14/3mm European oak ABCD grade, multiply T&G, light brown filler,

Reclaimed Elm Wooden Floor

SONGLINFLOOR is getting new designs The size we can make as followings: Versailles: 22/8*800*800mm, 22/8*980*980mm Planks: 22/8*220*2200mm, 22/8*190*1900mm, 20/6*220*2200mm, 20/6*190*1900mm, Random length and width of

The International Surface Event 2019

At present, tariff 301 is temporarily postponed until March 2019, while the anti-dumping investigation is about to announce the results, ADD  and CVD will increase to

Wide planks of Solid European Oak Floor

Vifloor developed new solid products that with super width and length.In the term of Wide planks of Solid European oak floor, the wide means 210mm and 240mm, the

High End Reactive Stain Engineered Flooring

When you seek unparalleled beauty and durability in flooring, high-end reactive stain engineered flooring stands out as the premier choice. Unlike conventional flooring options, reactive

New Axe collection

New Axe collection products On the basis of axe collection products, now we developed our new axe collection products, detailed information as follows: Products name: Engineered

Your Expert in Engineered Hardwood Flooring Solutions

Hello, I’m a co-founder at SONGLINFLOOR. With over 25 years in the industry, we specialize in top-quality engineered hardwood flooring. Our commitment to superior raw materials and consistent quality has made us a trusted supplier to major European importers.

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